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Department of Dentistry

Dental department in Mallya Hospital delivers the finest in conventional, cosmetic and preventive dental care. The centre aims at providing different specialties of dentistry under one roof. It is specially designed to meet patient’s demands and to provide them satisfactory services. The department is equipped with 2 state-of-the- art Dental chairs.

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    Aims and Objectives

    Dental department aims to provide state of the art cosmetic dentistry and dental care to its patients

    1. Provides a dynamic ultra hygiene advanced dental care with latest global dental
    2. Extra emphasis is given on patient education
    3. Special attention given to patient’s time convenience
    4. Luxurious ambience and a friendly environment to make patients feel at home
    5. Treatments are done at a very affordable cost without compromising on quality

    Treatment Spectrum


    Treatment category


    a. Root Canal Treatment
    b. Post and Cave Treatment



    a. Cavity fillings with tooth colored fillings
    b. Laminates and Veneers for discolored broken teeth and to close spaces between teeth (Diastema)
    c. Bleaching of discolored teeth


    3. PROSTHODONTICS [Replacement of insisting teeth thro]
    i. Fixing crowns and Bridges
    a. Porcelain crower
    b. Mental Crower
    c. Porcelain fused to mental crower
    ii. Removable Partial Dentures
    a. Complete dentures (imported denture material)
    b. Immediate Dentures
    c. Dental Implants
    d. Flexi partial denture (Valplast)
    e. Cast partial dentures


    4. PERIODONTICS [Treatment of green diseases]

    a. Scaling (cleaning) using ultrasonic scales
    b. Bone Ghafts
    c. Flap surgery
    d. Green curettage
    e. Gingivectomy
    f. GTR [Guided Tissue Regeneration]


    5. PEDODONTICS [Care of children teeth]

     a. Space maintainers if milk teeth lost before time of falling to preserve
    b. Pit and fissure sealant application in teeth prone to caries
    c. Flouride application
    d. Filling of curious teeth
    e. Habit Breaking appliances [ for thumb sucking, mouth breathing ect]
    f. Comprehensive dental treatment for children under General anesthesia


    6. ORTHODONTICS [Alignment of Irregular teeth]

    a. Skeletal Correction includes correction of
    i. Upper jaw tohwand
    ii. Lower jaw backward
    iii. When patient smiles gums are visible
    b. Facial Correction for esthetic purpose
    c. Dental correction includes correction of
    i. Crowded teeth
    ii. Protruded teeth
    iii. Wearing out of teeth etc



    a. Pairless tooth removal
    b. Fracture reduction
    c. Re-Implantation of lost tooth
    d. Cyst/Turnor removal
    e. Soft tissue repair
    f. Implants
    g. Scar revision
    h. Orthognathic surgery
    i. Treatment for Oral cancer



    The department has a total infection control system consisting of
    a. Autoclave
    b. Disposable Gloves, Masks, Head Caps and Gowns
    c. Hygienic conditions and excellent ambience


    HABITS      [Thumb sucking, tongue trusting, hip biting etc]




    a. Habit breaking appliance
    b. Functional appliance
    c. Head gear
    d. Fixed appliances [metal brackets, esthetic brackets]
    e. Removable appliance
    f. Retainers [Fixed and Removable]



    a. Intra Oral Camera
    b. RVG (Dental X-Ray)
    c. Fiber Optic hand piece
    d. Ultrasonic scalar
    f. Automatic chair
    g. Height cure unite
    h. Autoclave